Marriage is the biggest decision in our life. It is not only the bond between two individuals but an everlasting relationship between two families. Nobody can describe that feeling in words when you meet your would-be husband/wife for the very first time. It also includes loving marriage because the time when you get to know that your love mate is going to be your soulmate this feeling is exceptional. Here comes the importance of pre wedding shoot

Lovable Moments


In an Indian wedding, there are so many rituals and we really enjoy performing them all. From the Haldi ceremony to Vidayi every moment is special and we save these as memories in the photographs. But what about pre-wedding photoshoot? This one is the treading and one of the most adorable parts of a wedding. The pre-wedding shoot has its own importance and there are many benefits of it like:

Gives an idea of which photography style suits best on You

You can make a choice between different photography styles that will be perfect on your wedding day from candid to portrait, magazine or something else and pre-wedding shoot will also make you understand how good your photographer is at capturing. Along with that you can decide the angles, positions, and poses that seem perfect for both of you.

Make use of pre-wedding photos in your wedding invitation

It will one of the innovative ways of inviting a guest to your wedding. Instead of using photographs of individuals add pre-wedding photos on your invitation card and narrate your love story in a splendid manner.

Fill your walls with romantic photo frames

You can use pre-wedding photographs to decor the walls in your room as it provides a number of stunning pictures. They will stand out among the rest of your usual wedding pictures. To bring best out of the pre-wedding shoot, research on ideas like choosing a location, a specific theme, classy props, etc.

Therefore, think and create innovative ideas and get more photos to add to your wedding memories.